"John--We just returned from Lac de Gras.  I thought I would write.  Feel free to use this letter in any way you see fit.  I cannot commend your operation too highly.

This was our fifth trip to Courageous Lake Caribou Camps since 2001.  We have been to both Courageous and Lac de Gras.  Both are excellent camps.  The food was first class.  Every meal was outstanding.  The staff was, as usual, helpful in every way.  The tent camp was very comfortable with good mattresses and heaters that work!  Larry, out guide, worked day and night to keep us in game and preserve our meat and trophies.  Larry, Virginia and Cheryl are like family!

We were aware that the early season hunts for resident caribou were very difficult this year, due to the vagaries of weather causing even resident caribou to move further north than normal during the summer months.  When we arrived, we were all very concerned.  On the first hunting day, our group of twelve brought in five caribou, and we were encouraged that more might be "just over the horizon".  That is exactly what happened.  On the second day, there were caribou everywhere, moving generally Southwest--of course, at their own pace!  Most hunters were tagged out on caribou by the third day.  Eventually, every hunter got caribou.  All of us who had two tags got two caribou.  Several hunters got chances at wolves and wolverines--but those animals are very wary, and most are still out there.

Near the end of the trip, Larry took me flyfishing for lake trout.  I used an 8 wt. rod with floating line and tarpon flys that looked like baitfish.  Once we located the fish on a shallow bar a mile or two from camp, the action was fast and furious.  In about two hours, I got 17 lakers from 2# to about 9#.  They came right to the surface, and I will bring some "popper" flys the next time.  Larry apologized that he couldn't get me into a "big one". He told me his best was 48" long!  A lunker, indeed.

I have some pictures that I will forward.  This year was the one for "Mr. Big", and you will have to print my mug in your catalog whether you want to or not.  Every now and again, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.  I think "Mr. Big" runs over 400 inches gross, but I cannot be exact because I asked that the velvet be preserved, and that makes precise measurement difficult.  Not that I care that much!  He is a great all-round trophy with great tops, shovels, bezes and backscratchers.

I cannot recommend this hunt or your camps too highly.  Over five trips, your staff has become almost like family, and I still believe you have the best location for record book caribou in the entire North. 

Best regards to you and Anita,  Pictures coming!"

-Paul Fortino
Portland, OR


"This makes 4 hunts you've booked for me that resulted in 5 very nice trophies.  Each hunt would be highly recommended.  Keep up the good work!"

-Neil Endler
Kurten, TX

"Africa was outstanding! I got an Eland, Kudu, Gemsbok, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeast, Impala and Warthog...Thanks again for a great adventure."

-Jim Rorison
Houston, TX

"Thanks for putting me onto another great hunt... I took a great whitetail on my first day after viewing many...I had the opportunity to take a management deer on the third day.  They are the best two whitetails I have ever harvested.  The lodge was great, the staff were fantastic hosts."

-Gerard Wilczek
Eagle River, WI

"Obviously, I was thrilled with my elk.  Thanks, too, to the knowledge and ability of my guide...the experience was exactly what I was hoping for...I plan to contact you again for antelope hunting next fall."

-Elton Ruthstrom
Urbana, IL

"I couldn't be happier with my first elk.  Taking my first elk and doing it with a bow was even better.  Everything about the hunt was great...I couldn't have been any happier with the whole experience...Absolutely wonderful trip. First rate."

-Allen Pahlon
Chandler, TX

"I had a great time in some absolutely beautiful country and ended up taking a really nice Shiras Moose.  The trip was everything I hoped it would be...I again wanted to thank you for the service that you provide through Shoshone Wilderness Adventures in helping me book memorable trips each year."

-Griff Gleason
Franklin, TN

"What a fantastic hunt we had!!! Our outfitter and their guides were A+++ and we had wonderful horses, great equipment to work with and superb food.  I want to personally thank you for booking our hunt...I will be using Shoshone Wilderness Adventures for my future hunts.  Thanks again for your help and effort in making this elk hunt the hunt of a lifetime!"

-Jeff Nordhaus and Rodney Schroeder
Columbus Grove, OH

"In my first hunting experience with Shoshone proved to be the highest light of my hunting career to date...Your guides and camp manager are some of the hardest working people I've ever been around...I would like to thank you and everyone else that had a part in my hunt.  My plans for my next hunt with Shoshone are already being made."

-Bobby Clark
Schellsburg, PA

"Just some pictures of my recent caribou hunt at Lac de Gras.  I enjoyed an excellent hunt and will recommend it to anyone who wants the best."

-Jerry Frost
Roseburg, OH

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed our hunting trip...The outfitter was awesome as well as our guide...I was lucky enough to kill a monster 8x8 which the guide and outfitter claim to be the biggest the camp has ever produced.  What a dream come true.  I can't thank you enough for your help and wanted to express my gratitude.  Thanks again. P.S. The bull green scored 440!"

-Larry Coulter
Sweethome, OR

"...want to write and thank you and your associate for your wisdom and know how in putting together such a wonderful hunting opportunity for Garth and me.  I shot the smallest caribou, but I bet I had the best time.  Thanks for a wonderful hunt!"
-Bill Reed
Gig Harbor, WA

"Enclosed are several pictures of the big mule deer I killed...it scored green 180...the outfitter did a great job for us. The meals were outstanding. The (accommodations) were very nice. Would recommend this hunt for someone who wants to be sure of getting a nice buck. The guides were excellent with plenty of land to hunt without seeing other hunters..."

-Wayne Nicola
Warsaw, IN

"I've just returned from my hunting trip in Alberta and wanted to take this time to thank you personally for making my first hunt in Canada a memorable one.  I feel that our guide provided a first class hunt in every respect.  He worked extremely hard the entire time and his efforts made my Alberta hunt an enjoyable experience all around."

-Peter Zullo
Gloucester, VA

"This hunt was one of the most enjoyable hunts/vacations I have ever been on.  The accommodations were top notch and I gained 7 lbs if that says anything for the cook.  We got 3 good animals the first day.  the boys really enjoyed themselves as well as harvesting a nice buck for the wall.  Thanks alot for the help and we will be calling you soon."

-Jim Harrinson
Canton, GA

"Thank you for booking my party's combination hunt.  We had a fantastic trip.  Everyone harvested a nice mule deer and antelope.  The outfitter was very hospitable and made every effort to accommodate us.  It was a pleasure to spend several days at their ranch.  The food was excellent and the guides were knowledgeable and hard working.  Thanks again for your assistance and I look forward to booking future hunts with Shoshone Wilderness Adventures."

-Chet Norris
Belle Mina, AL

"Thanks again for the great hunt.  It was everything you said it would be and then some.  I am looking forward to hunting with you next year."

-Ron Johnson
Ishpeming, MI

"I just wanted to thank you for your help in setting up my moose hunting trip.  I though all aspects of the hunt were good including the amount of game, quality of horses, food, cabins and guides."

-Nick Huston
Marshall, MO

"My family and I want to thank you for setting up our hunt in South Africa.  It was a trip of a lifetime.  We saw lots of animals, with as fine of food and lodging as possible.  Thanks again."

-J. Grant
Midway, AL

"Just a line to let you know I had a very good hunt in a well run camp.  Killed on the 4th day and took the biggest bull.  Almost forgot- it was a one shot kill! Thank you for putting me on a good elk."

-Homer Shaffer
W. Lafayette, IN

"Thanks again for booking me another quality hunt.  I had a great hunting experience and got a trophy bear.  I look forward to booking more hunts with you in the years to come."

-T.J. Kraft
Dowagiac. MI

"Thank YOU for the great trip.  I want to go again as soon as possible.  I fell in love with the tundra; it was easy to do with your staff.  It's still hard to believe I was up on the tundra hunting caribou...I hope to start sending out my Christmas cards before long, and I'm using one of the photos from our trip for that.  And I wrote an article for our newspaper about the trip, with Jill's photos...Thanks again for the great trip."

-Robert Johnson
Lewiston, ID

"I am sending you a few pictures of the cougar I took on my hunt in January.  I had a great hunt and can't thank you enough for recommending the outfitter.  The cat's weight was 180 lbs, 7'9" long and green skull at 15".  Thanks again."

-Tom Gerdes
Edna, TX

"Thank you so much for the camaraderie and fun.  I really had a good time.  If you need a testimonial or want to use me as a reference, I'll give you 100% of my support.  You guys are doing a great job.  It's operations like yours that makes hunting so enjoyable for the rest of us.  Thanks again for everything.  Memories forever...P.S. It was pretty obvious to me that you guys were doing everything possible to make my hunt a success.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciated all your efforts."

-Jim Ruch
Aberdeen, SD

"This past October, I shared a rifle elk hunt with three of my friends in southwestern Colorado with (outfitter).  THANK YOU for steering us in the right direction and booking us with such a quality outfitter.  Even though I was lucky enough to bag a trophy bull (the first day!) I can honestly say the highlight of my trip was making new friends with such great people.  We all agreed when we left that we certainly will return.  I will contact you when and after I get together with the others.  I'm hoping to take my two sons next time! Hope to talk to you soon and thanks again!"

-Mike Gilbertson
Schofield, WI

"I thought I would write you and let you know how my hunting trip went with (outfitter)...they run a great outfitting business.  They treated me like I was part of the family from the time I got there.  The camp was more than comfortable, the food was great, and Rhonda makes great sweet stuff. Eric the guide I had was easy to get along with and took care of everything. He wouldn't hardly let me do anything except eat, sleep and hunt.
If you have hunters that want alot of individual attention and don't want the commotion of a bigger camp this is a hunt I would highly recommend.  We never saw another person the whole time I was in camp. 
...I had an unbelievable hunt.  We saw bulls every day...it was exciting to see them. I've hunted elk enough to know that I had the best of the best and just seeing elk can be a challenge let alone getting one...On the third day we had a bull get close enough for a shot and I got lucky enough to get it. It was the first bull I ever shot so I would have been extremely happy with any bull.  I never expected or realized how big the bull was until Eric and Jeff told me.  It turned out to be a once in a lifetime bull (at least for me)."
-Jerry Brown
Woodinville, WA